Andro400 is a dietary supplement for men that is used to boost the levels of hormones responsible for muscle growth, sexuality, etc.

In general, men find that their hormone levels drop after age 40. This period has been called “andropause” and is corresponded to menopause in women.


When hormone levels drop, men may find that not only do they gain weight more easily, particularly around the abdomen, but they also lose muscle mass, tire easily, and endure more pain. Many men lose the ability to perform well sexually.

Andro400 is sold directly from the manufacturer for $ 34.95. Various discounts and offers also accompany this supplement. Users can join the Autoship program and purchase the product for just $ 29.95. Other options are the purchase of multiple packages. You can decide between 3 or 6 package orders and benefit from reduced prices. The plan includes a 90-day money-back guarantee, very significant information that the user must know before placing the order.

With products like Andro400, the professed advantages are easy to see as they are practically used as the supplement’s catchphrase. The advantages claimed here are:

  • Melt stomach fat.
  • Amplify the energy level.
  • Increase libido

Although the Andro400 is specifically designed for older men, younger men should also profit from an increase in their overall level of exercise and energy.

Testosterone aids break down belly fat. Tongkat Ali benefits to slightly increase testosterone. But Tongkat Ali’s special biomechanics don’t seem to help reduce belly fat. The supplement also has increased the level of the energy level of the consumers to a good extent.

According to the study, Eurycoma longofolia incites the body’s hormones to enhance testosterone production.

It is believed that once the hypothalamus is stimulated, it indicates the pituitary gland to stimulate testosterone production.

Andro400 is a self-proclaimed testosterone booster pill that was manufactured by a US-based nutrition company named Natural Health Concepts.