First and foremost, Andro400 is a testosterone promoter that, when practiced as directed, claims to melt belly fat, enhance the energy, and kindle sexual desire. The Andro400 occurs in a comparatively small container so you can easily take it with you which is one of the best benefits of the supplement.

Andro400 is a moderately new testosterone booster that includes Eurycoma longifolia essence. The addition of Natural Health Concepts has become very widespread and has engendered discussion among nutritionists. This is the principal reason we are reviewing this formula today.

Andro400 is a capsule that is consumed daily to lose belly fat and naturally increase testosterone. Andro400’s unusual ingredient, Eurycoma longifolia, can promote testosterone.

Traditionally, Eurycoma longifolia has been employed as a liquid drink and the extracts are quite less effective. So we can wonder if the pill formula of this product can really melt away belly fat.

The Andro400 Ingredients

It’s easy to review the components in Andro400 as there are very few ingredients used in the preparation formula of the supplement. Eurycoma longifolia is a plant native to the countries of Southeast Asia.

Eurycoma longifolia: This flowering plant, also termed as Tongkat Ali, is unearthed in the tropical forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. It has been employed as a pain reliever in Asia for centuries. It has also been used to improve sexual function, male fertility, and energy. Eurycoma longofolia is utilized in many supplements that enhance the testosterone for the properties listed above. This supplement comes in capsule form and contains 150mg of pure Eurycoma Longofia root extract each.

Official NameAndro400
Product UseIncrease Testosterone Level
Purchase ModeOnline
Users Men

L-arginine: It is a semi-essential amino acid generally used by athletes and people in general to enhance the quality of the blood circulation. Since only the MAX version of Andro400 comprises  250mg of L-arginine per dose, it is unlikely to have much of an influence on improving blood flow.

L-citrulline: L-citrulline is another amino acid that promotes blood circulation and is more secure than arginine in promoting erection quality and effectiveness. Citrulline must first be transformed to arginine for its effects to manifest. However, since more can enter the circulation unchanged, this corresponds to more arginine, which can have a severe impact.

It is a well-known constituent in Asia and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years.

It is effectively used to relieve pain, speed up the healing process, enhance the virility, increase physical stamina, and increase testosterone.

Each serving of Andro400comprises of 150 mg of pure Eurycoma longifolia root extract.

What Are Andro400 Health Benefits?

Some of the primary health benefits of this supplement are as follows:

  • The preparation formula of the supplement is clinically tested and proven in various scientific studies.
  • Andro400 comprises of natural ingredients, which is good.
  • We could find testimonials and reviews of this supplement online.

The Andro400 Working Process

According to research, Eurycoma longofolia animates the body’s hormones to boost testosterone production.

It is assumed that once the hypothalamus is stimulated, it indicates the pituitary gland to stimulate testosterone production.

The other option is to free testosterone, which is activated in the body by sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

When testosterone is present in the body in a “free” or “active” state.

Free testosterone is accessible to the body while bound testosterone is not available.

This herb releases some of the bound testosterone and makes it bioavailable to the body.

A third way these herb works is to compare the amount of testosterone that the body transforms into estrogen, thereby extending its availability.

A study was conducted in Malaysia to test how Eurycoma longofolia works.

Men between the ages of 31 and 52 received 2 capsules of the herb a day.

They reported stronger and longer-lasting positive results.

The supplement has been providing some best quality of results without any side effects.

Scientific research and clinical studies show that the herbal effective ingredient in Andro400 (Eurycoma longifolia) naturally enhances the production of testosterone in your body and/or improves the bioavailability of the testosterone that you should already be absorbed in your tissues. and used by your body. The exact biophysical/chemical mechanisms by which this transpires are remarkably complex and are not fully understood by science.

When searching for the Andro400, don’t confuse the supplement with Andro400 MAX. Andro400 Max is an alternative product that includes Eurycoma Longifolia along with the amino acids and with L-arginine and L-citrulline. This compound works best as a testosterone refill and the company recommends it for men over 40.

Andro400 Promises

The company’s claims regarding the Andro400 are clearly exhibited on the product’s official website. The product is believed to be a safe way to enhance testosterone naturally.

The product also ensures to melt body fat, increase sex drive, and help you get energy. These claims are no different from what most testosterone boosters on the market ensures. We also expected testosterone boosters to have this effect, as studies support Eurycoma longifolia, as per the International Journal of Preventative Medicine.

The consumers of Eurycoma longifolia supplements regularly notice improvements in their libido and libido and are amazed at how well the product works. Unfortunately, in the absence of human studies, the likely side effects of using this dietary supplement are also unknown. It is our advice that you exercise caution and inform your doctor if you experience any abnormal reactions while taking this medication.

Andro400 Formula

If Andro400 is a Eurycoma Longifolia product, specifically, how does your Eurycoma Longifolia product correspond to other Eurycoma products on the market? Thanks to these main advantages, Aight has proven its worth:

Extract 100: This is the recommended extract for optimal AT results. 300 mg dose. Ideally, aim a little higher, but this is average compared to other Tongkat Ali products.

Tongkat Ali is not a great driver. Our BIG LIST of T-Boosters has a ton of ingredients that are rated higher than TA, but it’s clinically proven, which is more than we can say about many multi-ingredient formulas.

Andro400 Advantages

With products like Andro400, the claimed compensations are easy to see as they are practically used as the supplement’s catchphrase. The advantages claimed here are:

  • Melt belly fat
  • Increase energy
  • Spread libido

The Andro400 has been one of the best supplements to make sure that there is a natural increase in the testosterone of the consumers. This supplement is ideal for the people who wish to do so, but are not able to get an ideal supplement for the same.

Testosterone helps break down belly fat. Tongkat Ali helps to slightly enhance testosterone. But Tongkat Ali’s special biomechanics don’t seem to assist overcome belly fat. However, power and sexual desire requirements appear to be true.

Some of the primary advantages of using this supplement are:

  • Recommended by professionals.
  • This could help assist the consumer to increase testosterone levels in men over 50.
  • It can improve fertility by increasing the motility of sperm.
  • It can enhance the libido.

Andro400 Disadvantages

  • Studies show that the principal ingredient that powers Andro400 is not active in enhancing the testosterone in healthy men between the ages of 18 and 49.
  • It is unlikely to promote muscle growth.
  • The formula contains only one generic constituent that can be bought elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

Andro400 is one of two products that the company offers (and the other is Andro400 MAX). Natural Health Concepts suggests the standard version of Andro400 for people under 40 and the Andro400 MAX version for people over 40 or who want to maximize their fat loss.

Andro400 Price

Andro400 is sold directly from the manufacturer for $ 34.95. Various discounts and offers are also available. Users can join the Autoship program and buy the product for just $ 29.95. Other options are the purchase of multiple packages. You can pick between 3 or 6 package orders and benefit from reduced prices. The plan includes a 90-day money-back guarantee, a very significant detail that the user must know before placing the order.

Andro400 Side Effects

Eurycoma longifolia extract is an extremely safe natural ingredient.

Side effects are infrequent and if they do happen, they are extremely light.

Possible side effects of this supplement are:

  • Higher body heat corrected by more water.
  • Transient insomnia, preventable if doses start low and develop slowly.
  • Irritation with excessive levels of testosterone.
  • The bitter taste that suggests the ingredient is real.

First and foremost, Andro400 is a testosterone booster that, when used as directed, claims to melt belly fat, enhance the energy, and ignite sexual desire. The Andro400 comes in a comparatively small container so you can easily take it with you a bonus.

From Where Do I Purchase Andro400?

Andro400 is available on the official website:

It comes in four packages, that includes a special autostart process.

Payment can be made with major credit cards and PayPal.

The manufacturer offers FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.

1 bottle: $ 34.95.

3 bottles: $ 89 (total savings: $ 15).

6 bottles: $ 159 (total savings: $ 50).

12 bottles: $ 259 (total savings: $ 160).

Special Autoship – 1 Bottle: $ 29.95.

If you go with the special Autoship, you will receive a bottle of Andro400 each month and your credit card will be replenished automatically.

To cancel the Autoship program, simply send an email or call Customer Service.

Andro400 Refund Policy

This supplement has a 90-day money-back guarantee that is completely hassling free.

If you have used the Andro400 and have not noticed any change in sexual desire, energy, mood, etc. you can return it for a refund without any sort of hesitation.

You can return the product/bottle empty /partially empty for a refund within 90 days of receiving your order.

This company does not require you to fill out a form, accept return authorization numbers, or meet any other deadlines.

Once your package has been received, a refund (less shipping costs) will be made within 2 business days.

However, it may take 3-4 business days for the refund to appear on your credit card statement.

Returns will not be considered after the 90-day window. Thus, it is necessary to take care of the deadline of 90 days before processing the product refund.

Andro400 is a relatively new testosterone booster that includes Eurycoma longifolia extract. The addition of Natural Health Concepts has become extremely prevalent and has created controversy among nutritionists. This is the main reason we are reviewing this formula today.

Andro400 Key Points

Some of the key points that you need to take care of before using the supplement are as follows:

  • The ingredients used in the Andro400 are not suitable for every person.
  • This supplement can cause certain side effects.
  • This supplement is not suitable for women.

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

They accept empty, partially empty, and closed bottles and promise a two-day refund.

To cancel auto-ship, email [email protected] or dial the number 888-400-0435.

Check their website for more information.

The Results

Finding effective nutritional supplements is often tricky due to the number of biased reviews out there. The higher the marketing budget, the more celebrities can be hired. Andro400 seems to have a large marketing budget, but the customers have noted significant changes after consuming the supplement. The supplement is said to achieve the best results for the consumers without any side effects.

Andro400 Usage Guide

The Andro400 is a supplement that can be used by the customers who wish to enhance their testosterone level. This supplement is backed by various clinical studies.

It is necessary to know that overdosing the supplement can cause some side effects for the users. This supplement is the best in terms of achieving the results without any undesired reactions.

Summary: Andro400is the first testosterone booster that is composed of natural ingredients. While this ingredient has been shown to enhance the testosterone levels, the fact that it has been renamed to another seems misleading. The customers who have used the supplement are happy with the delivered results.

Is Andro400 Really Effective?

The short answer is yes. Andro400 contains an ingredient that has clinical proof of its effectiveness as a testosterone booster. The downside, however, is that it is the only ingredient in its formula.

When looking for a testosterone booster, there are several superior options to choose from.

Andro400 is a testosterone booster. If you look at the website online, you will find that it makes some significant statements and statements about its effectiveness. However, the question is whether these statements and claims are true. Though, the Andro400 has made sure that the supplement is extremely safe and reliable for the consumers. You can trust the supplement by every aspect.

Regardless of why you need or want to increase your testosterone, this article will help you determine if Andro400 is the most effective product for you. It will also guide you through the maze of testosterone boosters that you can find on the market today.

Andro400 Dosage

After reviewing the ingredients, you need to determine the number of ingredients actually used. That number is the dose. If you find that it contains less than 1% of an active ingredient, it is safe to say that this ingredient is not very active.

You may also find that many bottles claim to have one of the best-known ingredients in their formulation. However, when you look at this ingredient, it is hardly there. Many manufacturers sell nutritional supplements. They say it contains a special ingredient and is only a fraction of the amount needed.

The ingredient used in the preparation formula of the supplement is clinically proven. Thus, you can trust the Andro400 supplement by every aspect. In this mix, you can have 5 different ingredients and the only thing they will say is that there is x mg for the whole mix, let’s say 500 mg for this example. Now you don’t know how many mg each of these ingredients contains.

The strongest (and most expensive) ingredients may be 1mg or 495mg, you just don’t know. Some people roll the dice and hope for the best.

Andro400 is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that has been on the market for at least a few years that can be purchased in online mode. It is marketed to improve the symptoms of low testosterone levels, such as: low libido, low energy levels, erectile dysfunction, and excessive retention of body fat.

Andro400 is a naturally formulated testosterone booster that will also assist you to lose weight. Boosting testosterone can also assist you to gain strength and feel younger. Obviously, this is a great statement from a supplement company and it’s hard to deny the fact.

With so many ingredients to choose from and so many possible combinations, Natural Health Concepts finds it extraordinarily lazy to simply rename a generic 150mg Tongkat Ali tablet under its own brand.

The Bottom Line

Andro400 has been on the market for 15 years.

While no independent review is available, it appears to have maintained a good reputation.

The manufacturers are not involved in scandals or lawsuits.

The main ingredient, Eurycoma longofolia, has been shown to increase sexual function.

The price is reasonable and the manufacturer offers deep discounts on larger packages.

If you wish to try this product, you will be happy to know that it has no side effects.

The manufacturer offers a fair 90-day money-back guarantee that you can use to test if it works for you.

Andro400 may also help recover your fertility and libido after a 12-week study of 109 men ages 30 to 55 showed that the extract increased sperm motility and libido by 44.4%. 14% increase.

Andro400 is a capsule that is to be consumed on a regular basis to lose belly fat and naturally increase testosterone. Andro400’s unique ingredient, Eurycoma longifolia, can boost testosterone without any undesired reactions.

Traditionally, Eurycoma longifolia has been effectively used as a liquid drink and the extracts are less effective. So we can wonder if the pill formula of this product can really melt away belly fat.

Our research team feared finding no scientific evidence to support Andro400’s claims, but negative reviews from people who saw no results. We summarize all of their results here so you can draw your conclusions on this testosterone booster.

While happy consumers are praised on the internet for having scientifically proven ingredients, Andro400 products are apparently only suitable for men who initially have low testosterone levels or are subject to low testosterone levels. Previous studies on Eurycoma longifolia did not include healthy young men, but rather a specific subset of men. If you belong to one of the men’s groups the studies were conducted for, the Andro400 may be worth a try. Thus, you can definitely try this product.

Andro400 is one of the most important natural testosterone boosters that help men and women increase their testosterone levels without side effects.

The supplement comprises of only approved ingredients that naturally increase testosterone levels.

It is manufactured by a company named Natural Health Concepts based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Andro400 supplement is cheap and safe to consume for each and every person striving to increase his testosterone level.

Andro400is an independent product based on scientific knowledge.

It appears to be active in enhancing virility.

Relatively cheaper compared to other testosterone boosting supplements, you can buy three bottles just for $ 89. Thus, if you are a person who is trying hard to enhance the testosterone level without any side-effects, this supplement may be your answer. The ingredient used in the supplement is backed by the science and the results delivered reflects the fact.

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